The Charm

Goldsmith meets engineering to create a collection that interprets the concept of contemporary luxury, changing the way a jewel is worn.

The manual skill of the goldsmith and the meticulous technologies make a simple gesture, like magic, transform the Abracadabra ring, in gold and precious stones, into a charming bracelet.

The Apritisesamo pendant, depicting a nineteenth-century rose window, splits into four to become an important Liberty-style necklace, a few other simple gestures allow you to wear the necklace in five different versions.

A collection that wants to evoke wonder and amazement and that offers unique, original, magical jewels.

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A collection that comes from the most sophisticated and meticulous ability of our Goldsmith Master: the weaving of gold threads, the applications of micro-beads, the manipulation of gold and the setting of precious stones.

Ancient techniques that find application in jewels of modern design and in any case timeless.

The result is extraordinary, exquisitely crafted jewels that find space among those cherished objects, made to hand down memories, emotions and unique moments.

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The precious ones Gbs

It is a collection that in perfect temporal continuum gathers the inspirations of the historic Florense goldsmith’s art and proposes them in a perfect fusion of ancient and modern.

To inspire these creations the historical and cultural context of our beloved Earth, guardian of extraordinary craftsmanship.

A collection of jewels that celebrates the sense of belonging, the values ​​of our people.

Precious just like some moments that are worth celebrating or remembering.

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Goldsmiths traditionally, Masters by passion

We have the privilege of doing a job that we are passionate about, the luck of being custodians of an art, the goldsmith, as old as it is extraordinarily creative.

We feel the desire to create objects capable of telling: the time that passes, the indelible memories, the truest emotions.

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