"Musica Contro le Mafie" rewarded by Spadafora

Marzo 2015 - Award "Music against mafias" 5th edition: a beautiful sculpture made entirely by hand in silver donated by master goldsmith GB Spadafora.

Gazzetta del sud 29 Marzo 2015

Spadafora exhibited in London and New York

Dicembre 2013The goldsmith G.B. Spadafora invited to exhibit in the gallery of art Moretti Moretti Art Gallery in London and New York.

Articolo su "Calabria on Web"

Luxury in Costa Smeralda

June 2013 – Porto Cervo. Big party for the landing of Harrods in Italy.
Giovambattista Spadafora shows how a time were welded by hand precious.

Articolo su "CHI n 28 - 2013" (pdf)

Spadafora enchants in Porto Cervo

June 2013 – Featured in Costa Smeralda also unique pieces of the master goldsmith.

Article "Calabria Ora del 28 Giugno" (pdf) , Article "Il Crotonese, 29 Giugno" (pdf) , Article "Gazzetta del Sud, 30 Giugno" (pdf)

The art of solidarity with the master Spadafora

April 2013 – The teacher draws a hat-Spadafora jewel in memory of the director Di Blasi for the non-profit association "Tuttiperuno." The special award was presented to Gigi Proietti.

Article "Gazzetta del Sud, 13 Aprile" (pdf) , Article "Il Quotidiano, 20 Aprile" (pdf)Article "Il Quotidiano, 21 Aprile" (pdf)

The master Spadafora delivery to Antonio Conte the Silver Ball

March 2013 – The master Spadafora delivery to Antonio Conte, Juventus coach, the Silver Ball, made on the occasion of the fourth prize Ceravolo

Article "Il Quotidiano" (pdf)

The joys come from the Sila

Le gioie arrivano dalla Sila

Il Giornale December 2012 : to the Pope or Obama, the joys come from the Sila also brought by De Niro, Loren, Benigni and Nero ...

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A timeless ring for Bob Sinclair

Un anello senza tempo per Bob Sinclair

Gazzetta del Sud  August 2012 : a ring from the collection "A Timeless Passion", created by the inspiration of Mario Married and by the skill of the goldsmiths Spadafora, and 'touched Bob Sinclair, the king of disco music.

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The Jewels Spadafora conquer the beautiful Elenoire

I Gioielli Spadafora conquistano la bella Elenoire

Il Crotonese August 2012 : each object hides another. Just a little insight 'of imagination, creativity, ingenuity, passion and commitment that make it possible to make an object to be reinvented and reused in a unique, useful and original.

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Spadafora between tradition and modernity

Spadafora tra tradizione e modernità

Gazzetta del Sud August 2012 : and 'a good story to Giuseppe Spadafora, a young entrepreneur who has had the good fortune to be born into a family with a long tradition,
pointing to even greater heights. Peppe for friends, was born in February of '66. Firstborn of the master Giovan Battista, since adolescent feels the burden of having to continue, evolving and spreading it, the art of the goldsmith's father .....

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We think positive

Pensiamo positivo

Il Crotonese June 2012: are three simple letters, GBS, enclose something much bigger much more extensive and deep, so as to arouse curiosity and fascination to those who hear or see it for the first time? ...

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Onps Award 2012

Premio Onps 2012

Gazzetta del Sud June 2012:  great success for the ceremony for the award Onps (Observatory permanent national security) which was held in Rome. The prizes consisting of plates of silver, were made and donated by the Spadafora Jewels represented for the occasion, by Monica Spadafora ...

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Pope receives the goldsmith Spadafora

S.S.Padre riceve l'orafo Spadafora
Gazzetta del Sud October 2011 : a busy day for His Holiness' on the 9th of October. His visit to Calabria has seen him involved between Lamezia Terme and Serra San Bruno, where he received gifts and personal gifts institutional. A Lamezia, in particular, in the seat of the diocese - in a confidential meeting with a select few - the Pope received a very meaningful gift from the hands of the Master Spadafora Giovan Battista di San Giovanni in Fiore is a Cross - Representative of the New Monastic Order Joachim of Fiore - and that 'was specially made for him, given the commitment of Joseph Ratzinger, as a young student of theology, the study of the abbot Joachim "spirit of prophecy endowed" (Dante, Paradiso XII).

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Spadafora & Sposato perfect combination

Spadafora & Sposato  connubio perfetto

Gazzetta del Sud August 2011
A mix of visual excitement for new experiences and spiritual ...
When an artist and a teacher give life to meet "A timeless passion."


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The prizes Paul Harris Fellow

Consegnati i premi Paul Harris Fellow

Gazzetta del Sud November 2010
The master Spadafora awarded by the Rotary Club
With the traditional ceremony of the hymns, the Rotary Club and district governor in 2100 Francesco Sociable celebrated the delivery of the prize 'Paul Harris Fellow', one of the highest honors Rotary

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Goldsmiths for six generations

Orafi da sei generazioni

Corriere del Mezzogiorno October 2010
Ancient customs told by Monica Spadafora, for six generations goldsmiths Spadafora embellish the décolleté 'with an unmistakable touch. It's not 'a case if the source of the goldsmith Spadafora, San Giovanni in Fiore in the province of Cosenza, and' surrounded by a golden romantic ...

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Artwork for Tarcisio Bertone

Opera d'arte per Tarcisio Bertone

Gazzetta del Sud August 2010
Tables of Liber Figurarum of Joachim of Fiore for Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican secretary of state. Many small and large works of art chiseled by master goldsmith Giovan Battista Spadafora on a laminated frame in pure gold are delivered to the diplomacy of the Holy See ...

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Awards to Mauro Fiore

Riconoscimenti a Mauro Fiore

Sport and Tourism (Gazzetta del Sud) July 2010

Recognition of the successful goldsmith Giovan Battista Spadafora to Mauro Fiore won the Oscar in 2010 for Best Cinematography in the film Avatar ...

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Silver sculpture for Mauro Fiore

Scultura d'argento per Mauro Fiore

Gazzetta del Sud June 2010

Mauro Fiore awarded by the goldsmiths Spadafora; Marzi, and soon you 'knew of the visit in Calabria Academy Award Mario Fiore, the master Spadafora has decided to honor him with a silver sculpture dedicated to him ...

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Amarelli testimonial jewelry Spadafora

Amarelli testimonial dei gioielli Spadafora

Il Quotidiano della Calabria April 2010
Pina AMARELLI, testimonial of the new collection ROOTS of the prestigious art workshop goldsmith Giovanbattista SPADAFORA ...

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Spadafora rewards Mauro Fiore

Spadafora premia Mauro Fiore
Gazzetta del Sud March 2010
Mauro Fiore Academy award for photography and the film Avatar 'was honored with a sculpture on the theme of the film made by master goldsmiths Spadafora ...

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Spadafora Jewels Exhibited in Malta

Spadafora Gioielli espone a Malta

Il Quotidiano della Calabria January 2010: it ended just the initiative organized by the Sila National Park in Malta, at The Exchange in Valletta, in collaboration with the Centre for Study and Research on native crops of Calabria, chaired by Dr. Santino Pascuzzi. To frame the initiative of the jewelry goldsmith Spadafora, whose company 'was represented by Monica Spadafora, head of foreign relations of the family ...

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Congratulations from Pope Ratzinger

Complimenti da Papa Ratzinger

Il Quotidiano della Calabria May 2009:  Benedict XVI receives the goldsmith sangiovannese Giovamabattista Spadafora, author of a necklace for Madonna.

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The curiosity of Giannini

La curiosità di Giannini

Il Quotidiano della Calabria May 2009
the actor Giancarlo Giannini intrigued by the techniques of the master Spadafora. During the spring of cinema, Giancarlo Giannini, visited the palace of the government was invited by the master goldsmith to visit the exhibition of jewelry during "Wedding in" the bleak Rendano. Giannini has intrigued the welding technique puff ...

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Gold dust at the White House

Polvere d'oro alla casa bianca

Mezzogiorno Economia Dec. 2008:The goldsmith will build sangiovannse 'jewelry for two Michelle and Barack Obama . The request for honorary citizenship to the newly elected president of the United States by the Mayor of the city 'of San Giovanni in Fiore will be' accompanied by two precious gifts made by master jeweler ...

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Oscar Night

Notte degli Oscar

Quotidiano della Calabria Feb. 2006: The goldsmith sangiovannese signature jewels for the Italian week in Los Angeles. Spadafora was invited by the NIAF (National Italian American Foundation) to present his creations during the Italian Week, which coincides with the awarding of the Oscars ...

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Crown for Our Lady

Una Corona per la Madonna
Quotidiano della Calabria August. 2005: Montegiordano. The jewel of the master Spadafora embellishes the Virgin Mary carved by Lena Gentile. A crown of gold with twelve stars representing the biblical image of the Madonna which was described was made possible thanks to the collection of 1231 grams of gold items ...

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Magazine NIAF

Rivista NIAF

Magazine NIAF n57 2003: The magazine published on behalf of the NIAF National Italian American Foundation devotes a service to the Family Spadafora. Juliana Rando Family Spadafora dedicated to an article in the prestigious journal, In the piece as well as a family history of Spadafora describes some techniques that guide the teacher Spadafora in the creation of jewelry.

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