Spadafora are Calabrian goldsmiths since the eighteenth century. Their town, San Giovanni in Fiore in Calabria, was founded by the famous Gioacchino da Fiore, which Dante Alighieri places in Paradise as "il calavrese abate di spirito profetico dotato", who dedicated the reflection of humanity to the last day of humanity. a whole life.

The town is famous for generations of weavers and weavers who have produced some of the most beautiful Italian carpets and fabrics. And if nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, if everything remains trapped in our DNA, it is clear that the laces that the family has seen for years become by osmosis watermark, one of the most loved techniques of the Mediterranean tradition; the thin white lace becomes gold thread where to weave the micro-pearls and then sew them on the jewel.

Being out of time, and therefore present at all times, is an essential condition for the survival of an atelier that has never followed the easy fads, but has always created with the authority of homo faber, who can do and knows how to do well, without conditioning.

Whoever wears a Spadafora jewel knows it. Recognizes in every drawing, the true creativity of those who know where they have arrived, those who know the tradition because they have lived it and therefore know how to innovate gently, with the humility of those who respect those who preceded it and not with the arrogance of those who think of creating ex nihilo.

Next to his collection of oil lamps, bellows, cuttlebones, which makes the atelier look like a magical and alchemical place, Giovambattista Spadafora introduces the future, but in doses, regulating it with the attention of the goldsmith. His works want to be free to wander, and not conditioned by anything. The gold of the rest is a material that Spadafora works because, as he likes to say, "it is the noble metal that allows the artist to get closer to the absolute".

The search for Spadafora is therefore a search for perfection. In the land of saints, of processions, of the strong sense of magic, Spadafora is a craftsman who connects with a superior, spiritual dimension of research, recovering not only what one would like to say with a jewel, but also, in a sort of theological way to the negative, all that has not yet been uttered.

It is the silence full of meanings that only tradition carries with it. Spadafora is a weaver of jewels, where every stone is cloaked in suggestions. The result is collections with evocative names like Magic or Legends and a series of extraordinary jewels dedicated to Gioacchino's drawings, with that seven-headed Dragon that naturally reminds us of the past and the last day of the future.