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The history of our company coincides with our family history: we have always been goldsmiths and artisans. A passion of ours that has its roots in a land where our creativity comes to life from the intertwining of culture and history. The world of G. B. Spadafora jewelery is inspired by values ​​of artisan intellectuality in which aesthetics is combined with technique to create unique precious pieces that bring with them a piece of history to be “worn”.

Jewels that succeed in being contemporary thanks to the study and continuous work of those seeking the perfect combination of tradition and innovation.

“Who has a great past has the responsibility and the potential to write a good future.”

The pride of representing the essence of a territory between artistic wonders and overlapping eras has contributed to the creation of precious objects that, from an ancient small shop, reach the whole world.

Breathing its smell – today as yesterday – allows us to look to the future, thanks to a tradition that has allowed, thanks to the time and passion of those who love their work, that a small international brand was born from that small shop.

The artistic inspiration starts from our territory: the precious collections dedicated to the “Liber Figurarum” by Gioacchino da Fiore are one of the most important expressions of our goldsmith art.

We have thought of jewelry collections that give those who choose them the awareness of wearing or giving an object full of suggestions and symbolism.
Even our land – with its history of dominations and inevitable contaminations – is an extraordinary muse that allows us to create continuous wonders.

“Knowing and valuing the past, a new way of looking at the future.”

In San Giovanni in Fiore, a calabrian city – Italy – where it all started, our work starts every day: from drawings on paper to the weaving of gold threads, from the applications of microbeads strung with gold thread to the manipulation of gold and silver, each piece is treated with meticulous care and a constant search for perfection.

U.K. Spadafora is also famous for the Sacred Art: the numerous works of the Master have adorned the head of many Madonnas and Bambinellis, so much to make him deserve the title of “Goldsmith of the Madonnas“.


San Giov. in Fiore (Cs)

via Roma, 3 | 87055 San Giovanni in Fiore (Cs) | | tel. 0984 993968

Lamezia Terme (Cz)

Aeroporto | 88046 Lamezia Terme (Cz) | | tel. 0968 53734

Camigliatello (Cs)

via Roma | 87052 Camigliatello Silano (Cs) | | tel. 0984 570860

Lorica (Cs)

via Nazionale | 87055 Lorica – San Giovanni in Fiore (Cs) | | tel. 0984 993968

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